What Kind of Brain MD?

Today, we just had our first Biochemistry lecture in Topnotch Essentials. The subject was lectured by the famous Dr. Ronnie Baticulon, MD, a senior neurosurgery resident in University of the Philippines – Philippine General Hospital. He is well known for his stories and one of his stories earlier was that during a long surgery, after about 4 hours, he will take a break and eat since he believes that continuing the surgery on an empty stomach would impair his judgment.

I have always wanted to be a surgeon even before medical school. During medical school, I fell in love with neurosciences hence the reasonable choice for my residency is neurosurgery. Rotating in the field made me love it even more. However, there is always that one factor in neurosurgery that makes me hesitate: long surgeries. I diagnosed myself to have Attention-Deficit Disorder and for good reason: I can’t seem to do a single activity for more than an hour. Even if I’m watching a movie, I have to do something else or I’ll feel like exploding from the inside. So I don’t know what’s the problem with me. All I know is that if I pursue Neurosurgery, either I do the surgeries real quick or I have to control my disorder.

That being said, maybe I’m more suited in Neurology rather than Neurosurgery. Though I’m still torn, all I know is that I love the brain and either specialty will make me happy. ^_^

P.S. You would find Dr. Baticulon’s blog here.


3 thoughts on “What Kind of Brain MD?

  1. Hi! I feel grateful to google for having stumbled across your blog. I’ve just begun my application and currently waiting for my Certificate of Registration to reach the IWA ECFMG grounds. I initially panicked when I saw that you passed some extra forms (187 and 344) since I never encountered those numbers while I was rummaging through the IWA-ECFMG-OASIS network (I’ve applied independently without any help from seniors or other USMLE takers #nofear). I found out that ECFMG no longer requires them. Anyway, I’m glad I’ve started my application in July similar to what you’ve done and I might just follow your schedule. I thereby dub thee as my ECFMG-USMLE senior to follow forever haha! : ) Also! I’m currently enrolled in the Topnotch Premium Program which tells me that I should really follow your blog closely. Please do keep the world updated of the steps you’re taking and thank you so much for the time and effort you’ve put into this blog. 🙂

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