No Coffee For Me

No Coffee For Me

I am currently reviewing Pharmacology, and believe me, it’s boring as hell. While most of my classmates gulp down jugs of coffee, my beverage-buddy here is Coke Zero.

One thing weird about me is that I never liked the taste of coffee. I find it bitter and unappealing. So basically, I went through medical school using alternative caffeinated drinks — sodas. Unfortunately, such drinks were so loaded with sugar that I can’t have it all the time (hence my sleeping spells during duties) while the “light” version of the sodas tasted awful! I prayed for a caffeine source…

And poof, I praise the Lord for giving me this: Coke Zero! Tastes great and keeps me awake without the sugar. Oh! Acesulfame-K is not carcinogenic! Cheers!


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