Step 2 CK Preparation

I’m sorry I have not been able to blog lately. The date of our Step 2 CK is nearing (April 8, 2015), and here I am, still reading on Uworld Qbank. 2300+ questions are no joke, and hopefully, they stick to my brain well enough so that I can get a >250 on my upcoming exam.

Oh, our Step 1 scores arrived last week! Thank God we passed! Hehehe! I can be a bit competitive with my girlfriend and so far, I am losing to her. She got a higher score! Go ask her what’s her score HERE. ^_^ Anyway, back to studying! I need to beat her score in Step 2 CK! God bless you all!

Step 1 Score

Step 1 Performance P.S. I can’t believe I’m so weak with Behavioral Sciences! Hahaha! I love Neurology but Psychiatry is my downfall! (X_X)


6 thoughts on “Step 2 CK Preparation

  1. Hi! I’ve been following your blogs and I wanna thank you for sharing your journey as an IMG. 🙂 Congratulations for passing step 1! Good luck with step 2. Please do share some tips on how you studied for it. God bless you!

  2. Hey there, congratulations for passing your step 1 with good score 🙂 I wish you the most of luck at your 2nd step, could you assist me with some ideas from your experience, for instance, at the time bein’ I’m preparing for the first step, I’ve just got done with my university, but I know that I need lots of work to rebuild basic principles, so I started to hit the Histology then Anatomy, but lately I was thinkin’, maybe studyin’ by systems would be more effective, e.g studyin’ Respiratory system, as starting with histology, anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology, or should I stick with reading each of the books separately!!? I’m using Kaplan books, what do think about videos? I mean kaplan videos? what would you recommend to take into my mind throughout the preparation of Step1?! thank you in advance 😀

      • I can’t really advise you on how to study since every one has a different approach. As for me, I just read First Aid Step 1 three times, I think. Then I studied USMLE World Qbank. Good luck! 🙂

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